Photography & Video

Photography is not a big part of what we do, but many website & print projects require photos & video that aren't currently available, so it is a natural extension of our work.


Many of the websites we've produced required many new pictures. An example of this would be: Watrous Co-op. The panoramic of Manitou Beach at the top of this website was taken a few years back: Manitou Beach.

Click on the picture below for a slideshow of some of our photos:

Photo retouching and Photoshop editing are also available.


We offer complete video recording (in High Definition) and editing services, including DVD and Bluray duplication and labeling. Video recordings are available in DVD, BluRay or USB thumbdrive.

Here are some samples of unedited video taken in HD and uploaded to YouTube for different websites & applications:

Kat Spencer Program Part 1 (Unedited 14:55). Used with permission.
Kat Spencer Program Part 2 (Unedited 09:21). Used with permission.
Axe Throwing Competition Finals (Unedited 21:08)
CBK Memories Part 1: (Unedited 37:14)
CBK Memories Part 2: (Unedited 37:02)
CBK Memories Part 3: (Unedited 29.27)
CBK Demolition 16: (Unedited 2:16)